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Prime Minister of Cape Verde visited Telemedicine Program


ITF is proud to present a report from InforPress Agency in Praia, Cape Verde that acknowledges the achievements of the partnership with the Ministry of Health in Cape Verde by establishing a fully functional telemedicine system that integrates all nine inhabited islands of Cape Verde. This telemedicine system provides the opportunity for medical teleconsultations, continuous medical education through virtual programs, a reduction in healthcare costs, and enhancement of medical and emergency services provided.

The Prime Minister of Cape Verde, José Maria Pereira Neves, publicly spoke and acknowledged the positive evolution of the health system in Cape Verde on May 7th, 2014. Through speaking with the InforPress Agency, during his visit to the Hospital Agostinho Neto in Praia, where he was accompanied by the Minister of Health, Maria Cristina Lopes Almeida Fontes Lima, he expressed being impressed by the progress of the project.  He became acquainted with the activities of the Central Hospital and stated, “I can see that there are improvements in the quality of the attending service in the hospital, and a reduction of the costs in various domains.”

The Hospital Director of the Hospital Agostinho Neto, Ricardina Andrade, guided the Prime Minister on a hospital tour that allowed him to view the various services performed there, including emergency services, as well as witness Dr. Vanda Azevedo, Director of Telemedicine Services and Cardiologist, perform a teleconsultation with a patient on the island of Brava.

In addition to the components of the quality, the Prime Minister referred to the profits that the health sector, particularly the Hospital of Praia, made with the implementing and utilization of telemedicine, that not only permits a rapid attendance, but has also contributed to a reduction in costs in this sector. The Prime Minister was informed that with the new telemedicine strategies that are being used, the hospital can, within the next three years, diminish the waiting list of the reception in the Emergency and the hospitalized patients.

The Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program for the Republic of Cape Verde is funded by the Republic of Slovenia and implemented by ITF Enhancing Human Security in close cooperation with International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation and Ministry of Health Cape Verde.

Source: Inforpress Agency, Praia Santiago.

Original Article and Pictures by: José Maria Borges, Agência Inforpress