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New president of ITF Managing board

"ITF is a prominent organisation working successfully in Mine Action for the last eight years. Continous and constant growth of operations is solid proof of ITF professionalism, dedication, persistence and importantly trustworthiness expressed by the donor community by repeating their donations every year.

I have the honour to be appointed by the Government of Slovenia as a member of ITF Managing Board and furthermore I was honoured to be ananimously chosen by the members of Managing Board as their new president.

ITF has been very active in the field of mine action since its inception in 1998 and has co-created mine action programmes in all countries in the region of SE Europe over the past eight years and overall initiated regional cooperation in the field of mine action in shape of SEEMACC (South Eastern Mine Action Coordination Council). Knowledge and experience gained gives me optimistic look for the future work of ITF. As the progress toward the mine free status of the region of SE Europe is ongoing and inevitable my challenge ahead would primarily focus on two issues:
- to successfully bring the story of Mine Action in SE Europe to an end; and
- to make every effort to broaden the scope of ITF operations beyond the present region and therefore constructively contribute to the eradication of landmine problem worldwide.

Sharing regional cooperation experience from the Balkans and mode of ITF as a successful trust fund system with other mine affected regions and mine action programmes would also remain high on my list of priorities.

I sincerely believe that ITF and its dedicated staff, without whom all this would be impossible, significantly contributes to the efforts of whole international community fighting against the "hidden killers" in the ground and I will make every effort to support ITF on its journey with clear end goal: mine free world."