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ITF MoU No.12 signed with Czech Republic


The Memorandum of Understanding No. 12 was signed today in the ITF premises between Czech Ambassador in Slovenia, H.E. Mrs. Ivana Hlavsova and ITF Director, Mr. Goran Ga?nik. The 2007 Czech donation will be used for demining activities in Serbia and rehabilitation of mine victims at the Institute for Rehabilitation of Republic of Slovenia.

The 2007 donation in amount of 70.756,39 EUR will be used for demining activities in Community Šid (Project Blata 4 - 31.120 square meters), Serbia. Beside the specific life threat that the area poses to the local population, the clearance of the area is of great importance for the development and renewal of the local agriculture and partly for forest exploitation.The leftover of the funds will be spent for rehabilitation of mine victims from the region of SEE at the Institute for Rehabilitation of Republic of Slovenia.

All together from 1998, Czech Republic has contributed more than 0,5 million USD for different mine action activities in the region of SEE and thus remains one of the most regular donors to ITF.