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Annex on the Agreement on Destruction of Excess Ammunitions signed


On October 31, U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro Sue K. Brown and Montenegro’s Minister of Defense Boro Vu?ini? signed an Annex to the Technical Agreement on the Destruction of Small Arm Weapons and Various Types of Ammunition on the continuation of the program.

Based on the signed Technical agreement the program activities will be further on implemented through ITF by Sterling International.

The Technical Agreement was originally signed by the U.S. Department of State and the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro on December 3, 2007.  The Agreement encompasses the destruction of over 1,000 tons of ammunition.

According to the Technical Agreement, almost 900 tons of ammunition and 1,500 pieces of “Strela 2M” anti-craft missiles rockets have been destroyed so far.
The largest number of excess ammunitions (approximately 500 tons) has been neutralized by disassembling (i. e. by their dismantling to components and utilizing them as raw material), while around 400 tones have been destroyed by open detonation at various demolition sites. 

Previous funding for the program ended in December 2010.  This Annex approves additional U.S. Government funds for the program, which is to be completed by October 2012.